Our communities are full of potential. It's Time To Activate it!

It’s not just at City Hall. It’s not simply in the courtroom, classroom, or boardroom. Rather, it’s at its greatest in neighborhoods– at the coffee shop, in living rooms, on the trolley and in the church basement. Leadership knows no boundaries. And, solutions to urban challenges shouldn’t just come from a handful of power brokers at the top, behind closed doors or the outside in. The best solutions emerge when everyday people discover their leadership potential and become agents of change. Leadership has no type. But, community change leadership has a champion in RISE San Diego.

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Strong communities begin with people

Our communities are built on people– leaders– just like you. Maybe you’re at school or work all day and have just enough time to drive the carpool; help a youth with homework; take out the trash for a sick neighbor; or, keep a safe eye on the kids outside or that abandoned house down the street. Perhaps you’re a volunteer for your school, church, or neighborhood. Or, perhaps you run a small business or community nonprofit. You may not realize it yet, but the power to excel, to make a difference, to lead change, is within you. It’s within all of us. RISE San Diego will work with you to unlock your power to help build strong urban communities.

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Built on dialogue, communities excel as a result of those who stand up and speak out. It doesn’t matter what you believe, but it matters that you believe in something— and are willing to honestly engage and work with others who want to see your community grow. RISE builds and fosters dialogues. RISE emphasizes working together to achieve an end goal.

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When we grow together, we grow stronger

For a moment, forget the labels. Forget preconceived notions and predetermined outcomes. Forget about who wins and who loses. Leadership begins by working with others who share a vision– even the strongest leaders can’t do it alone. And our communities only grow when we can work across differences and come together for the greater good. RISE partners with community organizations who share a common goal of developing San Diego’s urban communities.