The early success of RISE San Diego has been built on the strength of our people. Our growing team of dedicated and passionate individuals are lending their skills and expertise to the fulfillment of our mission through their long-term commitment to the cause, deep knowledge of the community, and proven ability to engage with residents, nonprofits, businesses, and civic leaders.



Annamarie Till

Partnerships Manager

Annamarie is a writer and copyeditor with nearly a decade of program management experience supporting the creation and development of community-based initiatives. Previously, she worked as a senior writer and research and shared learning manager at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation. During her time there her work supported the design and implementation of the Center for Community & Cultural Arts partnership between southeastern San Diego and Balboa Park cultural institutions, the development of an NEA-funded arts district plan for The Village at Market Creek, and the facilitation of a community mini-grants program. Annamarie has called San Diego home for over twenty years and volunteers with small, local arts and culture groups where she provides writing and editing, systems development, and research assistance. She enjoys traveling, comics and graphic novels, and spending time with her nieces.

Special Events and Social Media Consultant

Willy oversees the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) AmeriCorps Program at MAAC where he engages adults in intensive community service work. He has been recognized nationally as AmeriCorps Member of the Year and recently as AmeriCorps Director of the Year. Prior to MAAC, Willy worked in the music industry assisting various record labels in developing and marketing new artists. He is a product of Point Loma Nazarene University, where he received a degree in communications. With his passion in interacting with people in the community he has become an asset in the line of civic engagement and advocacy. He is known for organizing several community festivals throughout San Diego County, serves as a board member at the Jackie Robinson YMCA, and assists the boys basketball team at his alma mater, Sweetwater High School.

Leadership Development Consultant

Roxanne is a proven leader in the development and implementation of change initiatives in business and educational operations, including programs and people. She specializes in team effectiveness, dialogue, group problem solving, and community building, emphasizing communication, creativity, and discovery and her expertise in dialogue and conflict resolution enables her to successfully lead in diverse and challenging environments while gaining and maintaining the trust of those she engages with. Her passions include dialogue, liminality, identity construction, group dynamics, and cultural construction, as well as supporting others on creating both their best Self and understanding on who they are “being” as a way of developing a new relationship with themselves that offers a new dialogue for how to view and experience the world. Roxanne received her doctorate in leadership studies at the University of San Diego.