Urban communities are often home to many well-intentioned nonprofit organizations with committed leaders who become challenged by or burdened with organizational management and systems, policies and procedures, and limited resources – pretty much everything but carrying out the mission of their nonprofit.   These community champions often are faced with the unsatisfying choice of running an effective business or running effective community programs and services. Sometimes, they try to do both unsuccessfully. RISE San Diego partners with urban nonprofit organization leaders who want to focus more on their mission and less on operations, by quietly stepping in behind the scenes to support the business side of the organization.



RISE serves as a “back office” or provides targeted technical assistance to its nonprofit partners in areas including: Fiscal Management, Human Resources Resource Development, Communications, Policy and Procedure Development, Program Design & Implementation

Community Leadership Council: Monthly roundtable dialogue convened by RISE of leaders of urban community-based nonprofit organizations who come together to discuss community-wide concerns; identify opportunities to collaborate; and, develop positions on and strategies to tackle the urban issues of the day.

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