Under the direction of Dr. Zachary Green, a core faculty of academics and professional coaches offers a wealth of expertise in leadership studies and community change to our Urban Leadership Fellows Program at USD. Together and individually, they work closely with the RISE Fellows as they learn and grow under the program’s adaptive change leadership approach.

berthoud-headshotDIANE FORBES BERTHOUD, PhD

Diane is the assistant vice chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the University of California, San Diego, where her responsibilities include strategic planning, advancing institutional effectiveness, serving as liaison to human resources, and leading diversity-focused community engagement and campus-wide initiatives. As a member of the vice chancellor’s leadership team, she represents the vice chancellor on high-level task forces, advisory groups, and system-wide work groups.

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Azadeh has spent over a decade in food, nutrition, and public health leadership capacity building and has designed and conducted several leadership programs in Iran, the Middle East, and Europe. In her training and coaching sessions, she helps individuals and organizations to co-create intentional change to maximize their growth. With a background in food technology engineering, Azadeh continued her post-graduate studies in food and nutrition security and regional leadership programs in Asia, Europe, and United States. She is currently a doctoral student in leadership studies at University of San Diego.

goodwin headshotLEAH GOODWIN

Leah has a diverse background that includes small business development, fundraising, and marketing and communications in the areas of cultural, community, and public relations. Her exemplary career in the arts encompasses everything from public arts management, to visual and performing arts program development and consultation, to the creation and implementation of award-winning, community-based public art, art-in-education, and arts-in-hospital programs. Leah is a published writer and poet who believes that the arts are a universal tool for healing.


Zachary is a professor of practice in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego and the lead faculty for the RISE Urban Leadership Fellows Program. Trained as a clinical and community psychologist, he received his doctorate from Boston University and completed advanced clinical training at Cambridge Hospital/Harvard Medical School and organizational consultation through the Wharton Center for Applied Research.

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kymaani headshotROXANNE KYMAANI, PhD

Roxanne is a thought provoker and change catalyst. As a leader in the development and implementation of change initiatives, including programs and people, her expertise in dialogue and conflict resolution enables her to successfully lead in diverse and challenging environments while gaining and maintaining the trust of those she engages.

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Carlos is a senior clinical psychologist with the County of San Diego’s Juvenile Forensic Services STAT Team. Tasked with creating and providing innovative, community-based services to youth in detention or who are otherwise involved in the juvenile justice system, he has applied his clinical, group-relations, leadership, and community activist experience to educate, advocate for, and be part of the empowerment of these youth.

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JC’s path as a changemaker began after college when he traveled the world for six years while working for a study abroad leadership program. He went on to earn a master’s in communications and organizational change with the intention to focus his career within in the community development field. Over the past fifteen years, JC’s career has evolved into developing curriculum for young adult leadership programs and taking part in grassroots community development initiatives in Mexico, Guatemala, and the U.S. As part of the Changemaker Team at the University of San Diego, JC is inspired every day by the incredible talent, drive, and determination of students who have embraced the practice of being a changemaker.